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Global connectivity and flexibility allow us to deliver specialized services across various industries. We believe that when it comes to world-class comprehensive operations, being able to work and think in an interdisciplinary manner is an imperative.

Dedicated to anticipate and address your industry-focused needs

A multifaceted approach is a key indicator and driver of our activity not only in Switzerland but also globally. Boschung Global offers a vast array of services across aviation industry. We have many years of experience in developing, marketing and trading materials and technologies that have aided in the development of aviation and warbirds projects around the world. From helping to develop airport or factory plans and sites to locating the best-situated aircrafts for business or personal use, Boschung Global can help you find the optimal solution for any infrastructure or aviation related need you might have.

The perfect partner for your international development projects

Clients in various regions of the world depend on our ability to develop, finance, build and operate their most critical projects. Our industry-focused team also has broad experience of working with government and public-sector organizations form many years. Our reputation is based on transparency and solid performance.

Thinking differently

As a multifaceted company with the vision, scale and expertise to make global impact, Boschung Global is looking for new approaches to providing innovative solutions.

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