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Boschung Global provides advisory services in order to assist institutional and private clients with personalized investment strategies on the market of vintage and classic aircraft from World War II period. 

Our team is formed of dedicated warbird specialists with backgrounds in aviation and aircraft restoration. With more than 15 years of experience, we understand the pressures confronting the investors. We provide investment proposal to each customer and support him throughout all phases of the investment process, incl.:

  • Enquiry and purchase of the aircraft

  • Storage, maintenance and insurance

  • Participation at airshows and exhibitions

  • Marketing

  • Restoration

  • Market introduction and sale.

Market prices for vintage and classic aircraft show a strong upside potential due to rarity and historical value like rare classic cars or paintings. No more aircraft will be found in barns.


Vintage and classic aircraft are becoming iconic assets for certain investors. Market prices for aircraft from WWII with track record and history are rocketing and still represent high value potential for investors.


The key element is to find the right aircraft to buy from trustful sources. Spitfire or ME 109 are high valued and recent auctions confirm the trend of an asset class with high profit potential.


Warbirds are not correlated with traditional asset classes and can bring an attractive diversification to a global portfolio. Warbird market prices have proven a strong stability over the years, immune to financial and economic crisis. Due to rarity, warbird prices will show a steady upward trend.

Vintage & Classic

The vintage and classic aircraft world market represents US$1-2 billion including warbirds, airplanes that were formerly operated by air forces and are now privately owned.


Previously operated and restored by individual pilots or stored in museums, these aircraft are now bought by rich individuals / investors and sold with substantiated profits.


The market that Boschung Global is contemplating is composed of WWII warbirds with high upside market value potential and purchase price of minimum US1 million. This market represents US$600 million with close to 500 aircraft.

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